We empower Artisans with the tools necessary to showcase their products to Customers around the world. Together we are growing craft communities and successful businesses.

AMIEG Handmade launched because of you – our Customers. Your desire to support local Artisans and Makers around the world inspired us to launch this category. We worked backwards to understand the needs of the Artisan community to bring Customers an extraordinary buying experience, and after months of Customer research, reviewing Artisan applications, and staffing up our team, AMIEG Handmade launched in October of 2020. There are now Artisans from over 80 countries following their passion and selling their craft on AMIEG Group.

We set a high bar for what it means to be ‘Handmade.’ We review each Artisan application and audit production methods to ensure we’re building a marketplace of genuinely handcrafted goods that Customers can trust and Artisans can be proud of. Your confidence in the quality of our selection is essential to our success and if you feel we do not meet this standard.

You’re supporting local Artisans and their passion. By shopping with Handmade, you’re making an impact on the lives and careers of our Artisans, and inspiring future Makers to pursue their passion.

You’re celebrating creativity. Our Artisans make beautiful creations that started as an idea and turned into a one-of-a-kind product. Embracing this process reminds us what the human mind and body can achieve.

You’re receiving something genuinely unique. Goods found in AMIEG Handmade Group are free of mass-production, so when you receive your Artisan-made product, feel confident knowing it was made just for you.

If you have a craft you’re ready to share with the world, learn more about selling with AMIEG Handmade Group and submit your application today.Apply now